NP Portable Bottle Warmer – Blue

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Together, we can ensure your baby’s well-being! Preparing baby’s bottle has never been so easy: Load, Light and Heat!

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Discover our Wireless Portable Bottle Warmer

Discover our revolutionary bottle warmer, designed to simplify parents’ daily lives. Suitable for breast milk, infant milk and water, our bottle warmer is a versatile companion to meet your baby’s needs, wherever you are.


Discover our Revolutionary Bottle Warmer:

Freedom, Versatility and Comfort

The bottle warmer from
is much more than just an appliance: it’s an indispensable ally for modern parents.

With its advanced technology and innovative features, our bottle warmer makes it easy to prepare baby’s meals, wherever you are.

Versatility for all needs: suitable for breast milk, infant formula and water

No more juggling between different appliances: our bottle warmer is compatible with a variety of liquids, including breast milk, infant milk and water. It adapts to your baby’s every need, offering unrivalled versatility.

Unlimited freedom of movement with our Blue Nomad Bottle Warmer

Portable & Wireless, Built-in 7-hour battery life

No more tangled wires or restrictive electrical outlets. Our bottle warmers are designed to be portable and cordless, offering total freedom of movement.

With its built-in battery providing up to 7 hours of autonomy, you can take it with you wherever you go, without compromise.

Precision and Reliability Every Time

Precise temperature with CodeX System, Temperature adjustable from 37°C to 60°C

Thanks to the CodeX system, our bottle warmer ensures a precise temperature every time. You can adjust the temperature to suit your baby’s preferences, from 37°C to 60°C, for optimum warming.

Keeping the liquid warm, Rapid recharging via USB plug

Keeping the liquid warm, our bottle warmer offers peace of mind to busy parents, ensuring that baby’s meal is always ready when you need it. What’s more, its fast USB recharge makes it easy and convenient to use, even on the move.

Simplified water cleaning for stress-free use

No more complicated cleaning chores. Our bottle warmers are easy to clean with water, so you can enjoy stress-free, low-maintenance use.

Give Your Baby the Best with Our Quality Bottle Warmer

Invest in your baby’s comfort and well-being with our top-quality bottle warmer. Designed to simplify parents’ lives while offering the best for your little one, our bottle warmer is a must-have choice for modern families.

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Dimensions 8.0 × 8.0 × 24.4 cm


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Highlights of our wireless bottle warmer

Features that stand out and make all the difference
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Free delivery in France
  • Portable & wireless
  • Optimal heating performance
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Rigorous temperature control
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy maintenance

Frequently asked questions

About our Portable Bottle Warmer

Absolutely, the bottle warmer’s container is made of glass. This choice of material offers many advantages. First and foremost, glass is recognized for its safety and innocuousness, releasing no harmful substances during heating.

What’s more, its smooth, scratch-resistant surface makes for easy cleaning, guaranteeing optimum durability for everyday use. Opting for a glass container also preserves the purity of the heated liquid, without altering its taste or nutritional qualities.

So you can rest assured that our glass bottle warmer offers a safe and reliable solution for preparing your baby’s meals in complete peace of mind.

When it comes to maintaining the NP cordless bottle warmer, its removable design greatly simplifies the cleaning process. You can easily disassemble the various parts of the appliance, including the glass container, lid and other removable parts.

This feature gives you easy access to all areas to be cleaned, ensuring optimum hygiene for your bottle warmer.

Absolutely, the NP Cordless Bottle Warmer is perfectly compatible with the use of breast milk, infant milk and cow’s milk. It has been specially designed to preserve essential food nutrients.

Our NP cordless bottle warmer is universally suitable for all types of feeding bottles. Simply pour the milk or water gently into the unit to prepare your bottle quickly and easily.

Once the desired temperature has been reached, simply transfer the liquid to your bottle without any fuss.

The codeX system is a sophisticated set of thermal sensors integrated into our bottle warmer. These sensors constantly monitor the temperature of the liquid, adjusting the heating with great precision to ensure optimum temperature every time.

In short, the codeX system delivers a perfectly calibrated heating experience at every mealtime, providing peace of mind for parents and optimum comfort for toddlers.

NP Portable Bottle Warmer - Blue

NP Portable Bottle Warmer – Blue

Original price was: £102.00.Current price is: £56.00.

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